About PGMT

PGM Technologies was founded in Charleston SC, March 2000, our commitment then and now is to, service, security and compliance, investing in innovation that delivers high performance technologies that inspires change and transforms an industry. Today PGM Technologies are a reliable and trusted partner to many of the world’s leading chemical producers, professionally regarded in the specialist field of technical plant cleaning, PGM (Platinum Group Metals) asset recovery and refining, a team with unrivalled industry expertise.

David Kelley(Founder of PGM Technologies)
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PGM Technologies are globally recognised to be one of the leading specialists for technical plant cleaning, PGM (Platinum Group Metal) asset recovery and refining, with an established reputation built on customer focus, transparency and precision. Our customers are our most valuable resource and our motivation to achieve excellence as standard, this reciprocal respect and trust being testament to our established global customer base.

PGM Technologies collaborate with some of the world’s leading designers and engineers, bringing theoretical conceptual designs to working cutting edge technology and applications. This open-minded approach ensures the evolution of our industry and a next generation platform, boosting performance and results on every level.

This approach to innovation is key to the business success and sustainable growth of the company, providing a platform that brings together the industry elite, an unrivalled depth of skilled disciplines and industry achievements. A team united behind a single global strategy for delivering success.

PGM Technologies have skilled key personnel locations in the US, Germany, UK, Brazil, India and South Africa, supported by a global infrastructure for Facilities Management, enabling the company to provide, a seamless, circular solutions service to the nitric acid and chemical industry without limitation.

“PGM Technologies is truly a brand that forges relationships with their customers”

Our Heritage

PGM Technologies was founded in Charleston SC, March 2000 by the Company President Mr. David Kelley, BS, MBA, bachelor of science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tennessee with a master of business administration degree from Louisiana State University. The focus was that PGM Technologies would become a leading market brand, target a specialist industry by launching a business platform focused on precious metals recovery in North America.

To achieve long-term brand sustainability and be an influential authority within this specialist field requires a wealth and depth of specific industry knowledge and expertise. A formula "equal parts knowing and doing"


David started his career working with Columbia Nitrogen, Augusta, GA, as a Process Engineer, the following twelve years would provide him with the opportunity to learn from some of the industry’s most respected operators.


During 2004 PGM Technologies formed a partnership with the UK based company BDB Dismantling, this amalgamation bringing together two specialist fields providing a comprehensive service to the Nitric Acid Industry. Over the coming years this successful collaboration completed many projects globally. In 2012 by mutual agreement the partnership was dissolved allowing both companies to focus on other developing markets.

The ethos of PGM Technologies is to transform an industry and inspire change, with this the company openly embrace new developing markets and work alongside other professional disciplines to achieve this goal.


In 2007 PGM Recovery forged such an alliance with DERUSTIT Group GmbH, one of the leading experts in the field of chemical and electro-chemical surface treatment of stainless steel and nickel based alloys, forming the company 3D Recovery Europe, with a market focus on Western Europe.


Sadly In 2015 one of the key members of 3D Recovery passed away, and although the company continued to trade the decision was taken in 2016 to close down 3D Recovery. With an established customer base in Europe and the potential to increase market share, PGM Technologies Inc. made a financial investment and commitment by opening a European base of operations.


In 2016 PGM Technologies GmbH shared ownership was formed, leading the field for technical plant cleaning, PGM (Platinum Group Metal) asset recovery and refining, with a target market outside of North America.

Mr. Hanno Schneider, appointed Managing Director of PGM Technologies GmbH and Mr. Jens Reising Managing Partner GmbH joined the company having spent several successful years working within the refining industry, their skill and depth of knowledge ensure PGM Technologies customers can be assured of the most expedient, financially viable refining routes, unrivalled by other industry providers.

DERUSTIT Group GmbH have throughout remained exclusive in their support to PGM Technologies GmbH and Inc.

PGM Technologies GmbH is located in Frankfurt, Germany and is responsible for global operation outside North America. Since 2016 the company has grown exponentially through its global success in securing projects, providing a seamless, circular solutions service to the nitric acid and chemical industry.


In 2018 PGM Technologies established a UK base, a team of highly skilled professionals respected within the industry. Whilst each member of the team have their individual area of expertise, it is collectively that we serve the global client base of both PGM Technologies GmbH and PGM Technologies Inc.

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